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Meet the Founder - Rupert Honywood

A personal note from our founder - we are here to help you!


Hello I am Rupert Honywood – the founder of Business Growth Bureau and
Integrated Marketing Bureau.

I felt compelled to set up this service because of my love for business and working with Directors of Companies, Business Owners, Managers and Staff, to meet the needs of customers, following sound and ethical principles whilst at the same time reconciling that in providing strong financial returns to shareholders.

I personally have a great passion for creating solutions that customers really want, finding ways to engage with all stakeholders whether they be, charities, organisations and government departments, whilst meeting the needs of customers and collaboration partners in such a way that fully engages the Management Teams and Staff to achieve excellence and maximum performance for their companies.

I know the pressures that businesses face having felt the challenges along the way, and have previously developed a company from scratch that employed 65 staff. This attracted 160,000 members in 4 years as well as six major insurance partner relationships and massive TV and National Press Coverage I also love creating products and services that the market wants and also connecting people.

I figure that if I can help people and organisations, then we all benefit and what you tend to give does generally does tend to come back. This sets the foundations for strong Joint Venture Relationships, which in turn helps to generates success.

We have a carefully selected group of Specialists who have a vast range of unique skill sets. This enables us, on one hand to scale quickly to meet any demand placed on us and yet to also offer a very boutique or to provide a very bespoke and tailored service to organisations or individuals that would like our help and to see businesses to be more successful.

Please do let me know if I personally or one of my team, can be of any assistance.

With very best wishes


Managing Director
Business Growth Bureau

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